Americana Top Honor and Features | Chosen by Facebook Guest Judge Wanderlust Exposures

What a whirlwind of a week! So glad I got to Guest Judge here at Dear Photographer. It was a blast and I loved seeing all of the Americana images. you all have such wonderful talent and inspire me as an artist. Here are my favorite images and Top Honors.

One Three Eight Photography

One Three Eight, I love this perspective shot. It reminds me of a child’s view looking up at the Flag. Thank you for you share.




               Katy Vetter Photography

Katy, I have followed you for awhile and your work is inspiring to so many. Thank you for this shot.



   The Vintage Wheel Photography

This shot reminds me of Captain America  and  makes me want to invest in whatever lens you use. Simply stunning!



 Photography by Elizabeth Loman

I chose this because my husband came to mind. He came from a long lineage of military men and makes me proud of my future children wanting to try on their father’s uniform. Thank you.




         Rural Life Photography

I like different and out of the ordinary scenes. I love traveling and have been to a lot of airports in my life. This shot brought back so many memories. Thank you.


~Carrie Hampton Images & Photography

Carrie, thank you for creating this image. To me, it encompasses past and future. I see pride and strength when I saw this. Thank you.

And there you have it folks!

Thank you so much for letting me guest judge and share my images with you.