BE INSPIRED Session Featuring Blushing Red Photography

Is this your personal work or client work?

This session was client work.

What about this session was most memorable?

I would have to say this beautiful child. She was not only one of the most gorgeous little girls i have ever seen, but she was SO happy. Like genuinely happy. She just kept laughing and smiling at me and it made me feel so happy. Also the love that this little family had for one another. The chemistry between mom and dad was REAL.

Were there any hurdles?

YES. My beloved Sigma art 35 decided to stop working in the middle of this session. Right when we were getting really into the swing of the session! Thank goodness I had my second most beloved lens, my Sigma Art 50!

Your best photographer advice/session advice?

I would say just don’t get too caught up on getting the “perfect cookie cutter shot” –  you want to capture the little details that make the clients who they are. Like a mom wiping tears from her overly tired toddlers cheeks, or the joy of a child running around in summer. Even if its not “technically perfect” – real raw moments, those are the moments that the family will cherish forever.

What gear was used to achieve these?

Canon Mark 5d ii and Sigma Art 35 & 50.

About the photographer:

Blushing Red Photography is based in Akron Ohio. I am a natural light lifestyle photographer. I recently quit my nursing career to pursue my passion full time! I have two beautiful boys and an amazing husband who supports me every step of the way! I love creating these real raw moments, and really create a fun easy environment for my clients! I shoot everything from love stories, babies even boudoir! But I specialize in families and women’s portraiture. I also aspire to be a traveling photographer and explore the world doing what I love.

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