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I’ve been asked to write a letter to my past, current, and future self.  This year I turned the big 40, so there is no better time to reflect.

Dear Sarah,

You are just 23 and have just graduated college with a degree in something that you are not passionate about.  You’ve married and moved across the country, away from your family and feel a little unsure of yourself and how to go about finding a job you love.  Remember all the times that you cried out to God in prayer about finding your calling and your passion?  You wondered why so many other people seemed to know what they wanted to do with their lives….how were they so lucky to find “it”?  God knew your life story already.  He knew the hardships and changes that would be in your future and He also heard your prayers. About 12 years later God would bring to fruition that desire that you had in your heart.  It was unexpected and unplanned, but in His perfect timing. Your business would not have flourished at any other point.

When you started your business in 2011 you had no idea the time, the dedication, the countless hours of classes and learning that it would require!  That being a photographer is SO MUCH more than just taking pictures or creating art.  It is about people and communication and smart business sense.  You’ve learned to humble yourself daily so that you can be open to learning…learning from your clients, learning from your fellow photographers, learning from your mistakes. You never arrive, you are always learning.  You won’t always feel inspired, and you won’t always love your work, but that is ok.  You learn to push past that.  You were blessed to find a mentor early on… a photographer who was so kind and generous with her time and knowledge and because of her you have learned to pass it on.  Everyone starts somewhere and the journey will look different for everyone.  Comparison will bury the joy you feel, so be cautious and don’t compare your journey to others.   Remember to be kind and respectful to EVERYONE even when your pride or feelings are hurt.  Know that your clients are trusting you with something very personal and special.  Having your picture taken can be a vulnerable moment, so treat it with care.  Also treat yourself with care…learn to have appropriate boundaries, know your worth, and learn that it is ok to say no.  To my future self, just keep striving and challenging yourself. Be GRATEFUL because getting to do what you love is a gift than not everyone has.  Be willing to dream bigger than you feel like it is safe to do. God’s plans have always proven to be bigger than what you could have dreamed for yourself!








About the photographer:

I am a “mostly” natural light photographer based out of Plano, Texas.  I have been in business since 2011. I am married with two beautiful daughters who are the inspiration in much of my work! I credit the start of my business to my sweet husband who was the one who not only encouraged me to GO FOR IT, but had the vision of what it could be before I did. Any photographer with young kids knows it takes a village and a lot of support at home to have a successful photography business. I specialize in newborns, family, maternity, and children.  I seek beautiful light and my style has always been drawn to bright, clean, sharp images.  I don’t need smiles in all my pictures, but more strive to be authentically connected with my subject.

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  1. One day i will be like you ๐Ÿ™‚ you are an inspiration to many new photographers like me ๐Ÿ™‚ here’s to the future you with lots of success and hapiness ๐Ÿ™‚

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