Timeless Changes Top Honor and Features | Chosen by Facebook Guest Judge Rose:Life Photography


I had a great time hanging out as guest judge over the past week choosing my favorites was no easy take but here it goes….


Michèle Tremblay Photo

Oh how I love a simple photograph that makes me ask all sorts of questions. What does this bench look at? Who has been here before? What did they see? Plus the creative focal point and beautiful texture make this the kind of image I love to stare at and let my mind wander.


Bree Friesen Photography

This photo makes me anticipate the soon to come snow. I love the use of the street light and the way it makes the snow light up. Watching snow in the street light outside my front window is one of my favorite things. I also love how the girl compliments the scene and seems so quiet and contemplative.


Roots and Twigs Photography

I love sunflowers they are one of those things that are so beautiful but yet short lived. I felt like the colors and the wagon also gave this image a very timeless feel.



The viewpoint through the leaves, the soft dappled light, this beautiful young lady, there are so many reasons I love this.


Anna Bradley Photography

The light and focus of this image turn long dead leaves into a beautiful work of art. Nothing as timeless as the changing of leaves.



Moments by Mancuso

This image is my top honor for a few reasons. The timeless change of children growing up is what inspired the theme in my mind and walking is by far one of the biggest of those milestones that change a child’s world. I adore the use of light in this image and the bear in the streak of light is what did it for me! It is almost as is he is alive and I can feel his pain as baby, with new freedom, wanders right past her lifelong friend.

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  1. I am so honored to be included in this beautiful collection! Thank you so much, Rose:Life Photography and Dear Photographer! And congratulations, Moments by Mancuso!

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