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Why are you passionate about this topic?

When I get down on the floor to play with my boys, I sometimes get lost in the moment; in the giggling and the pretending and the dreaming. Their little minds and hearts are so unbelievably pure and such a joy to discover. They love life and they love me. They look only for the good in people and they have no idea just how incredibly ugly this world can be. They don’t know what heartbreak feels like. They don’t wonder what others think of them. They don’t know the disappointment that comes from working for weeks or months or years toward something, and be downright passionate, only to still fall short. They aren’t fearful of the future and they never worry with “what ifs”. I’m in awe of their ability to forgive instantly – and then they just forget. Truly forget. Their biggest problems in life are runny noses or the color of their cup. They don’t care who the president is or what the state of the economy is or about the carnage going on around the world. They are just happy. No strings attached. And I, for one, will do everything in my power to ensure they soak up every last minute.

When did you first realize you liked this topic?

There’s something about the innocence in a child that is so much fun to photograph. They are naturally playful and charismatic. I strive to find the magic in the mundane and they make it so easy. My favorite childhood memories are of moments or outings or conversations that weren’t rehearsed. Photographs are memories and I know that my children will treasure them when they are grown.

What tips would you share with anyone trying to achieve this technique?

-Shoot every day.

-Be in the pictures too.

-Have fun. Kids love fun.

-Go outside, there’s so much to discover.

-Put the camera down sometimes and be present. Speaking of memories, you don’t want the kids to only remember you behind a camera.img_5422_2img_2551_webimg_0581_web1img_3631_webimg_4770_web

About the photographer:

Michael Wade is a Waco, Texas based photographer that specializes in Children’s Lifestyle and Documentary photography.


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