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First Paid Session | January 2014

Dear 2014 Jessica,

Be proud that you took the leap and started your own business. It can be very difficult to put yourself out there, and you no doubt fear rejection and criticism like many others who take that next step. Don’t forget that continuing your education, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and pursuing things that set your heart on fire are lifestyle choices that you’ll never regret. When your work isn’t what you want it to be, keep shooting. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and feedback from Photographers you respect. When you become frustrated by your lack of success compared to your neighbor’s, remember that your journey is different from theirs.

You’ll hit milestones that motivate you to keep going, like your first big feature, the first time someone pays you appropriately for your work, the first time you see your work in print. Celebrate these, enjoy the moment, and then set a new goal. Most importantly, if you start to feel run down or uninspired, stop and re-evaluate the path that you’re on. Make sure you’re shooting what you love, because otherwise… what’s the point?


About the photographer:

Jessica Orlowicz is the East Coast based lifestyle and portrait photographer behind Peach and Port. Her photography is focused on play and connection, with a dash of beautiful, dramatic light. She lives in Cape May, New Jersey with her husband and four daughters.

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