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Dear Jayme circa 2007;

I know that you are impatient and want to know everything about your new camera like, yesterday….but take a deep breath and focus on practice. Even though it might not seem like you’re getting anywhere, every single time you push that button, you are growing and budding as an artist. You wouldn’t know it at the time but cherish those days where you just jumped in the truck and shoot landscapes for no reason other than time behind the camera. I still admire your determination and obsessive hunger to make yourself better. In 5 years, just like you had envisioned, you will have quit your job and be working full time doing exactly what you wanted to do when you graduated high school. You will, like most starting out, get caught up in trends and spend way too much money on things that, looking back now, were definitely not needed (aka a ridiculous amount of newborn “props” that you will only ever do one posed shoot with, only to realize that ain’t for you lol). Girl, If I could go back I would tell you not to buy all those actions, they make your photos look weird and were never what you had hoped for when you used them….inconsistently…..and all the time. You will meet an incredibly supportive husband in 2008 and you will bring two beautiful boys into this world, that will become the focus of your inspiration. You will come to realize that you are not weird, you have anxiety and that is OK. You will battle that beast constantly. It will tell you you’re not good enough, that no one likes your or your work, that you’re spending too much time editing, that you will fail.

And then you will meet Joy Prouty and your world and perspective will change. She will introduce you to an entire tribe of women that are JUST like you in every way. You will meet a new lifelong friend Alissa Saylor and her support an encouragement will be the boost you need to get through the struggles. Against everything you ever imagined, you will begin teaching…I know, it sounds insane but trust me, you are going to get so much out of this.

Dear Future Jayme;

Don’t focus so much on the perfect. Focus on what’s right in front of you. Cherish it. Love it hard. Stay hungry and always hustle. Don’t worry when you hit walls and fall into depressions. You will come out of it, but you have to be strong. You were made to do this and no one can change that.

xoxo 2017 Jayme

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I strive to create emotive images that tell stories of individual connections, warmth and love. Images that pull the viewer into that very space of time. The small in-between simple gestures are what I love most; like how little ones plays with their momma’s hair, twirl in their favourite dress, or how they look at their dad like he will forever be their hero. To me, this profession lets me truly be able to hold on to those tiny fleeting moments in time forever.

I nominate: Helen Joy George ( – she is one of the most honest photographers I know, she embraces the difficult times and is so transparent in her work. I adore her



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  1. THIS! This is so spot on and unbelievable!! Thank you soo VERY much for this! It speaks straight to my heart and journey.

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