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Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

I have been in the business for a little over two years now and I am a wedding/ lifestyle photographer! I have always been a creative person and photography has allowed me to be a true artist. I believe that the best moments are the real ones. I go into every session with that mindset and it inspires me to get my clients to just open up and be themselves, allowing me to capture their true personalities and relationships. I absolutely love it and you will most likely see me laughing along side of them, smiling until my cheeks hurt, goosebumps from the deep and intimate moments, and truly feeling their bond with each other. 

Some personal facts about me… I am a believer in Christ, a wife to my best friend, and a mamma to the cutest little and another on the way! I believe travel is the greatest and most important thing you could ever do in your life and my husband and I consider Paris to be our second home because we go so often. Coffee makes my heart happy, I have an obsession and love for interior decorating, I live in LuLu Lemon and Christian Louboutins, I hate laundry more than I hate anything in the world, and my favorite part of the day is where the sun meets the horizon… That’s when magic happens.

What about this session was most memorable?

This session was actually very memorable for me because it wasn’t really planned. It was Saturday morning and I had just heard that it was going to be raining in Phoenix all weekend. Well, I then realized it would be snowing in Flagstaff and my goal this winter season was to get a couple in love to play in the snow. I randomly posted on social media that I would be going to Flagstaff tomorrow and I would love to have a couple explore with me. It was a long shot I know, and worst case my husband, son and I would have some fun in Flagstaff. To my surprise, this newly engaged sweet couple reached out and said they were in, and to make it even better, they asked if their newly married best friends could come up for a session as well. Not only did I get one ridiculously adorable session in the snow, I got two (and I wish I could share both)! We practically spent the whole time laughing and I felt like I was hanging out with some great friends.

Were there any hurdles?

So, at first we decided to meet near downtown Flagstaff, I knew of a forest nearby. When I got there I was shocked to see that there was no snow! Not even a small patch on the ground. My heart started to panic but my husband and I decided to drive up a little more and came across a perfect snowy forest. Well, the cops came shortly after and started kicking people out telling us we couldn’t be there. The area was closed and off limits to everyone. I was running out of time and there was no where else near by that wasn’t closed. I had to talk to the cops and convince them to let me stay for my photoshoots. Maybe they felt bad for me because I am pregnant, and just drove up from Phoenix just for this, but it worked! It ended up being perfect actually because we were the only ones in the snowy forest because of the area being closed.
Your best photographer/session advice?
Hmm, I have a couple actually! Get your clients to be comfortable from the start! I remember for my engagement photos I was so uncomfortable because I just don’t like being in pictures. I know how it feels, and so I try to get my clients to see me more as a friend than as a random person following them around awkwardly with a camera in their faces. Also, let your creativity shine through and take the shot without hesitation. You won’t grow and learn unless you challenge yourself, and with photography that means challenging your creativity. It can definitely be scary and overwhelming but completely worth it.

What gear was used to achieve these?

I used my Canon 5D mark iii & my 35mm lens.




Hi I’m Yara with Sincerely Yara Photographie! I am a Wedding & Lifestyle photographer in Phoenix, Arizona, but always available for travel and sessions worldwide. I’m a light chaser who loves adventure and exploring, and get a little too excited when couples are adventurous with me! I’m married to my best friend and we have the cutest little curly haired boy with another baby boy on the way. I believe magic happens when you are just being yourselves and my favorite are those raw and real moments that happen naturally. I have a love for the details and a huge attention for it. There’s so much art in this world and I try to appreciate it any chance I get. Let’s create something beautiful!




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