BE INSPIRED Session featuring Justyna E Butler Photography

Tell us about it about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

I am so honored to share a piece of my heart with you and share how I create heart drawn, dreamy, painterly frames. Imagine… color, texture, light flares and connection, dancing all together to paint your soulful vision…
“When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.”
-Robert Frank
My photography love started with film, when I was just a child. The smell of the darkroom, the sound of drying negatives…and the magic of drying prints…nothing quite compares to this process. I dream to have my own darkroom…
Therefore, “looks like film” is the look I crave when I create.
I quit teaching art to pursue wedding photography. When I look through a viewfinder… I see a story. The thrill in the give and take that demands of loss of control when using Lensbaby gear, Petzval, and tilt shift, the unanticipated results of freelensing, the light, the colors, the spontaneity as a continuous immersion of my light paintings.

What about this session was most memorable?

The couple, light, and location…Pine Valley in Evergreen, Colorado….is a DREAM venue for an intimate, timeless elopement. A dreamy lake, surrounded with breathtaking views, an island with a gazebo where Leah and Michael tied their knot. This secluded timeless place just added to their dreamy wedding. The ceremony took place in the mid of the day…and if you follow my work, I am such a light chaser that I love being challenged by the shadows! Even though it was the mid day, the light was breathtaking…from dappled, full sunlight, to sun kissed backlit frames…later in the day for timeless portraits. We had two full hours for these and I could not be more happier. Ask any wedding photographer! The bridal portraits time is so crucial to me…to paint your painterly frames. Two hours was plenty of time for these two to get into their element, enjoy the moment…and just simply be.

Were there any hurdles?
not at all…Leah and Michael stole my heart with the sweetest connection they had for each other. See it for yourself!

Your best photographer/session advice?
Know your LIGHT, observes it, follow it, chase it. Light is such a flirt. The way it suggests form with sheer washes of flares. The way it plays with depth with splashes of shadows. The way it can tease the eye by capturing what’s real until you notice shapes dancing.
Master the LIGHT and you can creates anything.

What gear was used to achieve these?
45 mm 2.8 Tilt-shift, Petzval 85mm, 35 mm 1.4 Sigma art, and my lensbaby gear…



Hello! I’m Justyna E Butler, a wife, a mother to one, Colorado wedding photographer, who calls Colorado home. This sun kissed state, full of life, provides plenty of inspiration. I’m drawn to the simple, painterly, timeless frames of details. While I’m busy creating a nurturing home, mentoring, photography provides balance. It’s the creative outlet that is my passion. My only prop for the photographs is LIGHT. I am a light chaser and storyteller. When I look through the lens…I look for emotions within your details. Light flares, movement, selective focus for me that’s where it’s at.