BE INSPIRED session feature by Agnes Black


What about this session was most memorable?
Teri, I absolutely adore her. She is like my gran in a younger body! An old and utterly gorgeous soul.

Were there any hurdles?
It was my first session like this so yeah I would say there was quite a few. I was trying to figure it all out you know, lighting posing, getting her in the pose i wanted etc! I just took my time and shot lots, then after the session i made notes of what worked and what didn’t ready for next time! I think what i learnt is that light is everything! Any shot where the light was good, directed or undirected was my favourite.

Your best photographer/session advice?
Light! I have to give myself this advise! light always comes first, forget everything else! look for the light lines, for shadows cast on walls, sunlight patches, anything! and get that model in it! I am so excited to really start pushing my work by sole concentrating on light!

 What gear was used to achieve these?
So i shoot on a 6d and 24mm! However in all honesty i spent a lot of time cropping, so next time I’m going to try one of these sessions with a 50mm.




Hey, Im Agnes! I love shooting weddings, families, alternative fashion and editorial inspired boudoir! I love anything cool and bad ass!




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