ENLIGHTEN ME | everything Instagram pt.1 – for photographers.

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We have been a part of the IG community for about 1.5 years. In that short amount of time we have been able to cultivate a little community and grow our account. Instagram is  the King of interaction. If it is frustrating you, you are not alone.


We constantly are having questions about IG, one big question that circles back to us is about growth . Truth is, there are many ways to grow an Instagram account.

  • Buy followers (yuck, yes people do that)
  • Engage like a mad woman/ person (so exhausting)
  • Use hashtags like crazy ( also exhausting)
  • Be patient ( super hard, I know)
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Another question is regarding WHY’s  of Instagram.  Which will be covered at a later blog post ! Stay tuned!!

Along the course of this IG series we’ll discuss all of this with you. From our favorite hashtags to the best posting times and beyond. Hopefully we can share some new info with you all.

First things first, if you do not have an Instagram account, we highly encourage you to sign on now. By comparison, our posts get much more engagement on Instagram then on Facebook. Check out the difference. IG vs. FB. It is kind of outstanding.

“Sometimes I wonder if Facebook users are just lazier, now you don’t even have to say I love something. Buttons have taken even that away from us. “

If you do have one >


Go ahead and add your location to your IG bio. That little description section at the top of your account.  Can you image being someone who wants to hire you and they cannot locate where you are. We looked at 50 or so photographer accounts and only 5-10% of them had their locations added to their bio. More and more clients are booking photographers via Instagram, since it a huge visual site. Allowing for your portfolio to be the strongest voice.


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If you still look like this ^ when thinking  about starting and IG account. I’d love for you to join out Facebook group (I know, kinda ironic) but Facebook still has some awesome gathering groups. Here you can ask questions!!! INSTAGRAM FOR DUMMIES  . Will be the safe community for those silly questions we all have. No question will be a dumb question.

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So put on your happy face!!

Let’s kick some social media butt! We all know we can definitely have a thriving business with out the internet. So many photographers before us did, but why wouldn’t you want to utilize this free source of marketing.  Instagram can be an incredible place! It can connect you to millions of photographers as well. If you do IG right you can not only receive inquiries, but up your networking game. Feeling like you have a community in this very lonely business can up your happiness score overall as well, that last one may be anecdotal but true.






Adri De La Cruz is the founder and lead photographer at Dear Photographer. She resides in the West suburbs of Chicago with her husband and two crazy kids. She is obsessed with coffee mugs, chocolate of all types, tacos, and dancing. She believes in the authenticity of photography, and she really needs to work on her bio.









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