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Dearest Jodi Lynn,

You truly have a heart of gold and are gifted at seeing families from the outside in and giving them true treasures they will cherish for a lifetime. I hope you always see that inherent beauty in the world and help others see it too. Sometimes you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and I hope you learn to realize that the sun truly does indeed rise each day. Each day offers you a renewed sense of wonder, hope and possibility. Keep following your heart and stay true to your art and you will always feel that comfort and sense of peace in showing truth, grace and love. It’s okay to be vulnerable at times, to acknowledge bumps in the road, pain, uncertainty; feeling lost and wanting true clarity. The path of an Artist often serves self doubt, and each journey on this road brings you closer to yourself, your own accomplishments and overcoming insecurities. Photography gives you such a tremendous and beautiful platform to express yourself, don’t forget that. Stay true to your goals of showing people the true hope and love in their worlds, for this will be your greatest gift to others. The ability to help others see their own lives as something true and beautiful. And, like all the woman before you and all those after you, that opportunity to illustrate that we are all truly one and connected. That we all have such cherished gifts to offer.



About the Photographer :

Jodi Lynn is a lifestyle family photographer in Northern California who aims to document love and truth. Her love affair with photography bloomed when she began documenting her growing family after the birth of her second son almost 9 years ago. She wanted to capture her own family’s life unfolding…the laughter, the joy, the love, the fear and everything in between. A few years later and after the birth of her daughter and third child, Jodi realized photography was something she felt a calling towards, something that truly felt like home. She left a career in elementary education to focus on this tremendous gift she wanted to share with the world. Jodi Lynn has spent the last four years learning all she can about photography and shooting every chance she can get, her own children being her greatest muses. She challenges herself to grow as an Artist and find the true magic in the families she captures; to showcase those real moments that are uniquely theirs. She aims to provide authentic, emotive, joyful and timeless family heirlooms….capturing her subjects lives as something true and beautiful. Jodi has been featured on Lookslikefilm and Lemonade + Lenses and was a Rangefinder Magazine’s 2016 Portrait Winner as well as a finalist in the Shoot + Share contest in 2016.
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xo ♥ Jodi


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  1. Thank you Jodi Lynn- these images take my breathe away as does your emotional expression- I truly felt like you were speaking to my heart❤

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