BE INSPIRED Session featuring Organic Light Photography

Is this personal work or client work?

This is client work that is very personal to me. This is the first session that I did for my mentor/ fellow photographer. For over a year, she has helped me navigate the photography world and has answered all my silly and serious questions as well as eased my many concerns. Through this journey, she has become a trusted friend and I was so very honored when she asked me to shoot her family session.

What about the session was most memorable?

So many parts of this session were memorable.

Firstly, the deep love this woman holds for all of her boys was palpable. It was so fun to let her just be with her boys while I captured the organic moments of tenderness and affection.

Secondly, the location, location, location! This was at an old homestead approximately 20 miles east of Colorado Springs. The owner is a small scale cattle farmer who allowed us to utilize his property that is littered with hay, rusty implements and buildings that have seen better days.

Thirdly, the light. Oh, the light this night was such a gift. We got started a little late, but it was to our advantage. There were low-lying thin clouds that acted as a perfect natural filter. However, as the sun dropped down, we were left with the warmest golden light we could wish for here in Colorado.


Were there any hurdles?

The biggest hurdles I faced during this session were my nerves and the pressure I put on myself for perfection. This lady works at the highest level of artistry. She is so very accomplished and consistent in her images. How could I ever deliver a gallery that would be up to her standards? Thankfully, the past two years had prepared me for this moment and when the time came, I rose to the occasion and enjoyed every second.


Your best photographer/session advice?

Keep learning. Whether it is with or without the help of a mentor, never stop learning.Get out and shoot. Even if you don’t have clients booked, set aside time to work with your camera.Take risks. Attack that direct light, stay out past sunset, and try new places. Always keep pushing yourself, this is how you grow.


What gear was used to achieve these?

My trusty Nikon D610 with a Sigma 35 1.4




About the Photographer :

Hello! I am Amy Aragundi, a lifestyle family photographer based in Colorado Springs, CO. Organic Light Photography is inspired by my wild little boy and everything Colorado. I thrive on family connections, all kinds of travel and strong, dark coffee.





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