Dear Photographer feature by Forest + Field Photography


Image taken in 2014- when I first really started photography. Back when I started I slapped on any preset that seemed “different” and didn’t think about it twice.


Dear Lindsay, 
You started as a painter and illustrator, but mostly a dreamer. You found art as therapeutic, as a way to deal with the intense losses and trials of your life. You used art as a channel to look within yourself and then used art as a tool to build yourself up again. You have painted and drawn since an early age, and it wasn’t until 2012 that you really stumbled, arms flailing, into photography. You never took classes and instead worked endlessly to learn and master the art form on your own, and sometimes you were downright upset with the outcome and wanted to throw your camera out the window. That is fine. Mistakes allow for growth. Don’t compare your art to anyone else’s. Keep your heart and eyes open, and keep patience and drive. Climb higher, and stretch your arms wider. Allow every moment to be it’s own moment, remember you are only there to catch a small glimpse of it, like magic. Love yourself and others through art, and never look back unless it is to cherish the moments that have passed. Never stop learning and keep telling stories. And by gosh, go outside and explore the world.



My name is Lindsay Saunders, I love in Alaska. Yep, it’s cold in the winter but I grew up here and it is my home. I teach middle school history, and love to paint and draw. In the summer I love to take my kids up mountains and picnic on top of the glorious ridges, and explore the world with my husband. I have two kids (with one on the way) so I stay PRETTY busy. 🙂


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