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brandiebowen photography.pngTell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

BB: I am a wife and mother. I love photography. I love honesty and true connections. I love coffee, pink and laughter. I love my friends. And I really love making memories. Oh, and traveling!

I’ve been in business for a few years now. I have two sides in photography.
One, I’m a preschool photographer. I seriously love doing this, spring and fall I get to spend my mornings with some of the cutest littles ever. I adore capturing their precious smiles and hearing their giggles.
Also, I’m a family photographer who also swoons over parent and child sessions. I call these, Heart-Of-Me Sessions. Heart-Of-Me Sessions are with either the mom or dad and his /her children. I focus on their connection, their love and just being in the moment with one another. I hardly ever ask them to look at me. I feel I have found my true “calling”. I am extremely passionate with these sessions. They feed my soul and speak to my heart.
The second is I am an educator/mentor for beginner photographers. I have a training guide for photographers, teaching them to build their business quickly by photographing preschools. I am also working on additional educational guides and workshops.

What about this session was most memorable:
BB: The love between the three of them was most memorable to me. I couldn’t fathom what life would be with twins. I could hardly handle one baby let alone two. But this amazing mother handled her boys with such tender love and compassion. And anyone who might have been watching this session could see with their naked eye, how much those boys love their mommy. There was so much love and admiration in this beautiful session, I will never forget what my eye saw through my lens that day.

Were there any Hurdles?

BB : Due to the air museum’s hours we had to begin our session around 2:00. Not an ideal time to photograph outdoors. But thankfully the day turned out to be cloudy and when the sun finally peeped through, we found open shade. So in the end it all turned out great.


Your best photographer/session advice?

BB: Shoot from the Heart. Photograph what you feel and see. Don’t be afraid to pose and direct clients the way you want to. I am very hands on with my clients. I always warn them that this is how I am beforehand…lol
Also remember to reassure them that they are doing a great job. Compliment them and let them know how amazing they look. It can be nerve racking being in front of the camera.
But more importantly have fun. Talk with them during the session. Make jokes, laugh, anything to put them at ease.

What gear was used to achieve these?
Nikon D700
Nikor 50mm 1.4 lens




brandiebowen_dearphotographer13brandiebowen_dearphotographer14ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER 

I live in a small town named Loomis, near Sacramento, Ca. I am married to an amazing man I’ve known since birth. Our mothers were friends in high school. Together we have a sixteen year old daughter and a twelve year old son who happen to have been born on the same day.
I am a natural light photographer and rarely have no more than just one lens on me at a time. And I love to have fun and laugh so be prepared to have a fun time!


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