BE INSPIRED Session featuring Alica Keiser Photography


Tell us about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

When a client books with me I start with asking them a few questions about their likes and styles to help determine the best location for the session. I have an open contact policy and I encourage my clients to contact me with any questions they have leading up to the session. I also love helping families figure out clothing options, such as clothing styles and colors, since having the right outfits for the session location can make all the difference! I started my love affair with photography almost 6 years ago when my daughter was born, and other than a few online workshops I am a self taught photographer. After encouragement from family and friends I decided to turn my passion into a business. January 2017 was my 1 year anniversary!
A few personal facts, Hmmm…To start, nobody can ever pronounce my name correctly, and after 30 years I have learned to answer to anything! I am also a really picky eater. If it includes anything green I’m probably not going to eat it. When it comes to my free time, I love being outdoors. There is just something so calming about nature that I love to spend my time hiking with my family and enjoying everything nature has to offer.

What about this session was most memorable?
This session was most memorable to me because it was for my best friend. She is pregnant with her 4th, and her last, child. I was so excited to be able to fly down to Florida for the weekend and capture these amazing memories! A little personal time away from the daily chaos of my life back home was nice too;)

Were there any hurdles?
The hardest part of this entire session was finding a session location in an area that I’ve never been to before. Florida is so much different than Virginia, and I wanted to find the perfect spot. It took some research to find an area with beautiful scenery, and an area that would be unique to my client. I didn’t want the entire session to be the typical walk along the beach style photos. Having found a hidden gem, I was very pleased with the outcome of the session.

Your best photographer/session advice?
Practice shooting whenever you have free time, and go out shooting at different times of the day to find the lighting that works best for you. Also, never compare yourself to other photographers! That was something I struggled with when I first started and it created a lot of self doubt. The moment I started believing in myself, and my work, was when I started doing my best work!

 What gear was used to achieve these?
Nikon D610
Sigma Art 35


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I currently live in Northern Virginia with my husband and our two beautiful kiddos, but I am a born and raised small town gal from Ohio. Six years ago, we planted roots and started our family here in Northern Virginia where my husband was taking on a new job. In that time, we have turned a strange place into our home, and absolutely love living in an area with so much beauty and history.



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