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Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.
ENP: When I first discovered lifestyle photography, I fell in LOVE. I have always been drawn to genuine connection and emotion in photos and that is what I strive to capture in my work. Intimate, candid shots are my jam! I love taking a simple moment and turning it in something magical for my clients. Like a whisper, a simple kiss or a snuggle. I’m still working on finding my “niche,” at first I was immediately drawn to photographing families but recently have had a few couples sessions and they have been SO fun! So we will see where this adventure takes me! I have been doing this for a little over a year now and besides a few online classes/workshops I am completely self taught. After graduating college a few years ago I picked up my camera one day and with the most amazing encouragement from my friends and family decided to pursue my love of photography full force. I still work a full time job and so I do most of my sessions on the weekends. My goal is to one day be able to do this full time-praying hard for that everyday! When I’m not at work or in front of the computer editing I love being outdoors; hiking and camping are my favorite! I have a two year old French bulldog name Sir Opus Winston (Opie for short) who hates having his picture taken and runs from the camera every time he sees me getting it out. And I could probably eat sushi everyday for the rest of my life!

What about this session was most memorable?
ENP: We did Caitlyn’s session on a quiet Sunday afternoon late in the day at a local state park. There was barely any people out and all you could hear was the wind and quiet little sounds the forest makes. I remember thinking how crazy it was that visibly it was just us two; but really there were 3. She was carrying around this tiny fragile life in her, tiptoeing around barefoot in the woods with the sun shining on her back and it was just one of the prettiest and most humbling sessions I have had to date. I had been struggling lately with my work and that day with her in the woods was just what my soul needed.

Were there any hurdles?
ENP: Well, it was the end of February in Illinois so the weather was as to be expected I guess you could say! The forecast had been calling for a beautiful sunny day but we had woken up to clouds upon clouds-super overcast and just yuck. As the day progressed it wasn’t looking like it was going to get any better. Even though I had this beautiful, sun lit, golden hour session dreamt up in my head we decided to go ahead and shoot as planned. Just as we got to the park the sun decided to come out and it ended up being so perfect. I’m so glad we decided to go through with the shoot, you just never know how things are going to turn out!

 Your best photographer/session advice?
ENP: Shoot for YOU. Shoot what you see and what makes you feel. Edit in a way that satisfies you and your desire to create. Because if you are doing so for other people you will never be happy with your work! Use the internet and social media to your advantage; network and meet new photographers who share with you in your passion. But take time off too. Put your phone down more. Remember that being in the moment is just as beautiful as documenting it!

What gear was used to achieve these?
Canon 5d Mark III and Sigma Art 35




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My name is Ericka (spelled with both a “c” and a “k”!). I am based in the NW suburbs of Illinois in a small little town in the middle of some cornfields. I am one of those crazy, obsessed French bulldog mamas. I love a good burger topped with a fried egg (always), road trips, being outdoors and craft beer. I love music and second to coffee is what fuels me for the majority of my day. Some of my favorites include Sufjan Stevens, Alt-J, The Lumineers, Father John Misty, + Bon Iver.



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