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Amy Rushbrook Lark + Bear

Dear (future) Photographer,

You set big, lofty goals. You always have. You set out to achieve the impossible, conquer it, then aim for the next impossible. Just remember that these successes do not define or determine your core happiness. Remember to pay attention to the way your boy cuddles into the home of your chest, the way light flickers and dances on the walls of your love-filled home, the way their laughter and their touch is like medicine for the soul. Don’t forget the simple joys of collecting eggs or reading a good (actual paper) book. Don’t forget what it feels like to feel your toes in the cool earth. Keep aiming big, keep striving to achieve the impossible, fly as high as you dare to dream, but remember to just stop, be present, pay attention and enjoy the simple and the quiet. Stay grounded. That is the core of your happiness, and no success will ever trump that.

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Amy is a family lifestyle photographer and educator based in Melbourne, Australia and is passionate about celebrating the imperfect; the “wabi-sabi” of life.  She specializes in teaching and photographing love stories for appreciators of the unconventional under the Life: Unmade banner. Amy salutes the mess of life; the weird and wonderful connections, and the beautifully chaotic and different.  She loves working with those who are brave enough to just be themselves, and not feel like they need to project an image of perfection to the world.  At home, Amy is Mama to one and coparent to two beautiful babes, and is happily strolling through life with her bearded love.

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  1. Amy, you are such an inspiring photographer. The day I did my 1:1 Life: Unmade Mentoring session with you was a pivotal moment for me…my direction, my meaning, my desires all coming together. So good. I am forever thankful.

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