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Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

I live for in-home lifestyle sessions. I love walking into a new space, a space that two people have created together, where they share their laughter, their tears and their most sacred moments. While I do photograph outdoor sessions often, there is just something about being in my clients homes that gives me insight into their energy and personalities. It also lends itself to a more natural flow to our session, as they are relaxed and often times get lost in each other and forget I’m there.

I have been full-time in my business for almost twelve years now, but I started working in photography almost 20 years ago. It has been a complete love affair and obsession for over half of my life and every day is new for me, meeting new clients or pursuing new ideas.

I’m happiest when I’m outside, listening to the birds sing, watching my boys run around, or planting flowers and digging in the dirt. I love design, print and interior. I’m constantly changing the decor in my home, if I can sneak it past my graphic designer husband who is frustratingly opinionated. I’m a huge animal lover and am stoked when a family asks to include their pets in our sessions.

What about this session was most memorable?
This couple has spent the majority of their engagement apart due to work and school. During our phone consultation we spoke about their relationship and how precious their little time together is. They’re very affectionate, as you can see, and we really wanted that to be the focus of this session.

Were there any hurdles?

The apartment he is staying in is full of rented furniture and not exactly their style. I saw it as a challenge and an opportunity to focus on their connection instead of their things. I think it made it all the better for me, I LOVE a challenge!!

Your best photographer/session advice?

I always have the same advice, be open. Walk into any session the way you would walk into any new relationship, open mind and open heart. An honest connection with your client will allow you to create the images that speak the most, not only to them, but to you. It’s not always about achieving your vision!

What gear was used to achieve these?

Mark iii, 35 mm 1.4



I live in San Antonio, TX with my husband of twelve years, our two boys and our rescue dog, Bear. I was lucky enough to know that art was the only path for my life at an early age and have been pursuing photography as a job with as much passion as I had at 17. I adore people, connections and relationships as much as I love this art and am forever grateful to the families who choose me.



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