Dear Photographer | feature by Chloe Lodge


DEARPHOTOGRAPHERBLOG_ChloeLodgePhotography_Pic from 2010
First images , 2010 



To the photographer I am today and the one still waiting to find herself, 

Be a work in progress. Don’t fight it, rush it or agonize too much that you’re not where you want to be right now. You are right where you need to be.

Breathe into your down times. They will come, enforced or not. Through life circumstance, artist’s block or perhaps both. Stay believing that your creativity and productivity will return, it never leaves you, it just quietens for a while. When the winds change and your head clears, things may even feel stronger and more interesting. Allow life to shape you, it’s what makes your voice uniquely yours. Don’t be afraid to embrace your darkness because it’s from this that you will also discover your light. Recognize your love of pleasing others but also remember not to drown out the whispering from your soul in the process.

Be unapologetically you.

Embrace the moments when everything feels right and creativity is flowing. Don’t be afraid to work hard and don’t be surprised when you succeed. Love what you do even when you hate what you do. Life is about the balance, the ying and the yang. There’s just no escaping it. In the end art is worth the fight, it’s a gift to have the time and freedom to create. Just keep working and keep progressing, each day is there for us to see, feel and capture anew.



Chloe Lodge is a lifestyle photographer currently based in Dubai. Her slightly obsessive love of light and shadow is evident in her work both indoors and out, and her voice consistently sings throughout every story she tells. Chloe is currently taking time out from client work to nurture her art and her soon-to-be-born baby girl. As a Brit married to a New Zealander with their dual nationality son who was born in Malaysia their family has a truly International flavour. Over the past six years they’ve lived in Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and the Seychelles.




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