The traveling Lensbaby project|featuring Christina McLauchlin

Questions by Lensbaby Inc 

The project is set around trying and experimenting with a Lensbaby lens, the Twist 60 is traveling through the U.S.A + Canada currently. Each artist has one week of play time.  All of the artist are attending out Out of the box collective in June in Denver CO. 

SHP_0349 copyWhat is one thing about your photos that says the most about you as a person. Dig deep!

I always try to convey the essence of the human spirit within nature. When you look at my photographs, I want you to see something beyond them. I want to strip away all the superficial to take you somewhere deep and dark and to the core of who we really are as human beings. I rarely make it to that level, but that is what I’m consistently striving for in my work. That’s what drives me to improve.


Can you tell us a little bit about the process you’ve gone through (or that you are going through) to find your photographic style? How has it evolved over the years?

I’m trying so hard to get my skills up to the level of my vision. I can see what I want to do in my head, but I can’t always translate it to my work. There is a gap there. However, I’ve noticed that when I get close to closing that gap, my vision for what I want gets more involved. I may never close that gap and maybe I never want to! I wouldn’t like photography if it didn’t challenge me. One of my favorite quotes is “Joy lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not in the victory itself.” – Gandhi.


What Lensbaby lenses have you shot with before? How have they transformed your work?

The Twist 60 is the only Lensbaby I’ve ever tried. I love how it gives my images an ethereal, dreamy quality. That definitely makes an image more dynamic. I love the depth it gives!

SHP_0427 color

Why is it important that photographers not get too fixed in their ways? What makes experimentation so crucial to an artist’s growth?

There’s no such thing as standing still. You’re either getting better or you’re getting worse. Trying new tools and new ways of doing things keeps you engaged, happy, and satisfied as an artist.


I’m a photographer located in Northern California. I put my whole heart and soul into capturing the beauty of people as they really are. I feel a strong connection to nature. My main goal with my art is to convey the essence of the human spirit against the backdrop of this beautiful earth. My children are my preferred muses.


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