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Dear Tara,

You will start your photography journey so you can capture the sweetest times. Take photos often. Practice. Don’t get frustrated because you think you are not learning fast enough. Give yourself lots of grace as you navigate this new journey of motherhood and photography. You will learn so much over the next few years and truly find happiness through creating your art. You will endure intense emotional pain when your daughter, Halle dies, but that will become your biggest inspiration. You will find an unwavering passion for creating magic from everyday moments as you push through the pain to once again find happiness. You will find inspiration in movement and light. The light will become a powerful force driving you to keep Halle’s memory alive. Unfortunately, you will have some career disappointments along the way. Your confidence will be shaken when you fail to get accepted by Click Pro. However, you will redeem yourself a couple of months later when you win the Shoot and Share grand prize. In the future, you will continue learning by doing multiple photography workshops. You will meet wonderful photographers and fellow moms who also share the same passion. Always remember to stay honest and true to yourself. You and your children will appreciate the photos even more as they grow. Live in the light, always.


DEARPHOTOGRAPHERBLOG_TaraHerronPhotography1 (1 of 1)DEARPHOTOGRAPHERBLOG_TaraHerronPhotography2 (1 of 1)DEARPHOTOGRAPHERBLOG_TaraHerronPhotography3 (1 of 1)DEARPHOTOGRAPHERBLOG_TaraHerronPhotography4 (1 of 1)DEARPHOTOGRAPHERBLOG_TaraHerronPhotography5 (1 of 1)DEARPHOTOGRAPHERBLOG_TaraHerronPhotography6 (1 of 1)DEARPHOTOGRAPHERBLOG_TaraHerronPhotography7 (1 of 1)DEARPHOTOGRAPHERBLOG_TaraHerronPhotography9 (1 of 1)DEARPHOTOGRAPHERBLOG_TaraHerronPhotography10 (1 of 1)DEARPHOTOGRAPHERBLOG_TaraHerronPhotography11 (1 of 1)DEARPHOTOGRAPHERBLOG_TaraHerronPhotography12 (1 of 1)DEARPHOTOGRAPHERBLOG_TaraHerronPhotography13 (1 of 1)DEARPHOTOGRAPHERBLOG_TaraHerronPhotography15 (1 of 1)


HI. I’m Tara. I’m a family and lifestyle photographer based in Nashville, TN. I’m blessed with a supportive husband and together we are raising 2 amazing children. I’m a light seeker and coffee drinker. I love to travel and met new people. Photography is my therapy.


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