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The TRAVELING LENSBABY PROJECT continues, this time it traveled to the lovely city of Arvada, Colorado to the amazing Susan Brooksby. 

13 (1)What is one thing about your photos that says the most about you as a person. Dig deep!

My children. If you look through my photos that is what it’s all about. The joy of childhood, the way children explore and see the world is so amazing to me. It has really help me slow down and appreciate everything a little bit more. I also find it to be a need to capture my boys now as they are so I can preserve that moment and time for them and for myself. This is a deep personal rooted issue of not having many photos of myself as a child so I find it important to do this for them and their future children to see.

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Can you tell us a little bit about the process you’ve gone through (or that you are going through) to find your photographic style? How has it evolved over the years?

It’s been a long journey to finding my photographic style and I am still trying to improve on it everyday. I’ve owned a dslr for years but couldn’t ever figure out how to use it. I just didn’t take the time to learn it because all that technical stuff bores me. I just wanted to take good pictures and it was becoming increasingly frustrating. At that same time I discovered Instagram and couldn’t believe all the amazing photos I see on there was shot with a phone. I will say that was the start of my journey to finding my photographic style. That year I shot exclusively with my iPhone and learned how to capture my little ones in different lighting conditions. The phone was convenient and easy and I didn’t have to worry about getting the settings right or missing the moment. Also connecting and sharing with other photographers kept me going and learning. I eventually figured out how to use my dslr.


What Lensbaby lenses have you shot with before? How have they transformed your work?

This is my first time ever using a Lensbaby lens and I think I am hooked! I love the flare that this Lensbaby creates and twisty DOF really gives it an interesting creative look to my photographs.

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Why is it important that photographers not get too fixed in their ways? What makes
experimentation so crucial to an artist’s growth?

Experimenting is the best way to grow as an artist. Sometimes doing the same thing over and over can get pretty boring. Often time when I am in a rut, seeking new things and new ways to shoot gets me out of that rut and back to shooting again. And plus how are you ever going to learn anything new unless you give it a try it, right?


Hi there! My name is Susan Brooksby. A mom to three boys and married to my husband of nine years. Together we reside in Colorado in a city about 20 minutes west of Denver. I love the Mountain View and beautiful sunsets. I enjoy quietness when I can get it and indulge in social media a bit too much.

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