Is this session personal work or client work?

This session was instigated by me as I was new to the Seychelles and eager to explore the landscape, light and colours with a family who lived there.

Tell us a bit about the magic of summer + the connection to your lens?

We’ve lived in sunny climes for six years now so sunshine and warmth has become part and parcel of our daily lives. From SE Asia, the Middle East and here in the Seychelles, just off the coast of Africa. There is something truly uplifting about that summer feeling even when you live it every day. It seeps into your bones and frees the expression within, not only for those in front of the lens but those behind it too.

What about this session makes it an Epic summer session?

This was an epic summer session for me as it was one of my first sessions captured in this tropical paradise, we chose a beach they visit often and was really close to their home and heart. The Seychelles is a picture perfect world of blues and greens but as I shot it I yearned to translate many of the shots into black and white as I was so attracted to the light and textures. The opening capture will remain one of my all time favourites – a small boy adventuring on his journey and yet the parents watching over him in the shadows, it speaks to me on so many levels.

What else is on your summer bucket list to photograph this summer?

I’m planning on investing in an underwater housing for my DSLR. I absolutely adore shooting in, on and near water. It draws me in and I can’t wait to explore it to greater depths.

What gear was used to achieve these?

D750, Sigma Art 35mm

Any summer tips or photographer advice?

Living in certain environments it’s easy to get precious about your gear but I’ve learnt in recent years if you’re paranoid about every grain of sand or droplet of water it can hold you back creatively. Free yourself of the worry, be careful of course but otherwise go for it. Your best shots are almost always on the edge of your comfort zone.



Chloe Lodge is a lifestyle photographer currently based in Dubai. Chloe’s work exudes a sense of the adventurous unknown, a feeling of coming home and the deepest love we feel within. Chloe is currently taking time out from client work to nurture her art and her soon-to-be-born baby girl. As a Brit married to a New Zealander with their Malaysia-born dual nationality son their family has a truly International flavour. Over the past six years they’ve lived in Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and the Seychelles.

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