26/31 Epic Summer session| Feature by Andrea Brooke photography

Is this session personal work or client work?

Client work. I had the best time with this lovely woman. Nothing is more satisfying than capturing the best parts of someone. Helping them to celebrate themselves, their personality, their beauty. For part of the photoshoot, we photographed her in the wedding dress her father bought her mother; which was a very special thing, for her and for me, a privilege really. She wrote the following afterward which is a reminder of why I do what I do.
“Growing up I had big glasses and even bigger eyebrows. I had my gawky teen years followed by pregnant years. Thinking back I’ve never had a time where I felt confidently beautiful. Going into this session I hid behind my goofiness and made ridiculous faces and felt very awkward “posing”. However, between the silly faces and insecurities, Andrea was able to capture moments that make me feel absolutely beautiful. She was able to help me relax and have fun IN FRONT of the camera, Something I usually hide behind.”

Tell us a bit about the magic of summer +the connection to your lens?

What is not magic about summer? Sunshine, vitamin d, good moods, pools, lakes, water, late nights, patios, barbecues, picnics. Summer brings out happy in people, it for sure brings out the happy in me. I love that we can photograph late into the evening, that we don’t have to instruct anyone to try to look
less cold, try jumping jacks, no rushing due to weather. Summer is beautiful and wants to be photographed, and I am here to oblige.

 What about this session makes it an Epic summer session?

Beautiful scenery, beautiful light, beautiful girl. I would be a happy woman if I had to do sessions like this all the time.

 What else is on your summer bucket list to photograph this summer?

I am planning on photographing underwater which I am very excited about. A couple of outdoor weddings, and lots of my children soaking up the summer.

What gear was used to achieve these?

5D Mark iii & Sigma 35mm 1.4 , reflector

Any summer tips or photographer advice?

My summer tip is getting outside and shoot. Where I am from summer doesn’t last too long and I am always sorry to see it go. So take advantage!!


I am a mother to three superheroes of varying sizes. They are my pride and truly, my joy. I redecorate homes instead of counting sheep to put myself to sleep. I love my family and our Thanksgiving football games. I love my friends and I love making new ones. I sometimes engage in games of synchronized golf and enjoy other random silliness. My dreams are full of hot air balloons and European or tropical traveling adventures. I love ideas and spend large amounts of time thinking about them. I love people, and I love capturing the raw, quirky, interesting, imperfect and beautiful things about them.

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  1. This is such a lovely feature! I love following this artist on Instagram and learning a bit more about her, the ways she writes and thinks, is why I love this blog so much. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous session with us. I had only seen snippets of it on Insta. It’s beautiful

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