Share with us a bit of your approach to the work you do. How long you’ve been shooting + future goals.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always been attracted to vibrant colors. I love all things that glitter and sparkle because they add a bit of magic to everyday life. This is how I approach my photography. I feel like color can transform an ordinary moment into an extraordinary one. I’ve been shooting professionally for about seven years now and have always strived to push the boundaries of color in my images.

Tell us about your use of color in images?

I live in Tampa, FL so I shoot at the beach frequently. The sunsets on the west coast of Florida are nothing short of amazing. I love how the sky can so quickly fade from turquoise blue, to purple, pink and orange hues. Pastel colored skies are my favorite! I am so inspired by those colors that I just love to enhance them a bit to make my images look as magical as it felt to be there at that moment.

Is there a specific color pallet you love? Do you seek out specific colors in your environment?

I also love to play with contrasting colors. For example, I purposely put my daughter in this red dress because I new she would be surrounded by the green grass and trees. I really wanted her to pop! When you look at this image, your eyes will go directly to her. This is an easy technique for playing with colors in your work and I would recommend it to anyone just starting out. Look for bold colors around you and play them up by using a contrasting color.

In the future, I hope to teach my techniques for achieving vibrant colors in my work. I used to teach elementary school before I took up photography full time, so it feels like teaching about photography would be a natural next step for me. Until then, I’ll continue being inspired and embracing the beautiful colors found all around me!



Dana DiSalvo lives in Tampa, FL with her husband and three daughters. She is a natural light photographer specializing in family, children, and maternity sessions.

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