Dear photographer |An artist self relection post, Feature by Melisa Gorman-Walkup of Walkuptome Photography


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Circa 2014, One of her first images.



Dear Past Self,

Oh, Mel how much you have changed. Three years ago you weren’t even a shadow of the photographer that you have become. When you bought your first camera, the Canon 6D, you were intrigued by the prospect of your first full frame camera that did well in low light. You were still under the impression that the camera had a lot to do with the photographs that you could take. Soon you discovered that the photographs that would fuel your soul, increase your heart rate, and fill you with joy, would almost never happen in that low of light. In fact, your life, and your photos would happen all day long. If I could tell you to erase everything that anyone had ever told you about photography and just shoot the beauty that you notice all around you, this is when you would grow the most. You would not have believed it. Getting your camera to see what your eyes saw was the hardest part. Who would have thought that an art book on your idol Norman Rockwell, given to you by your boss would ignite a passion in your gut that was all consuming? That and a super wide angle lens, with a bit of distortion, would get you giddy inside, and help you make a name for yourself. This would change the entire scope of your photography. You will take a class and learn all the silly “rules”. You would dispute them in your head. You would throw light to the side, in trade for the most dynamic cloud formations. You were on a mission to show people that even with the distortion of a 15mm fisheye lens, art could be created that was so vivid that you would have them feeling like they were experiencing your life from afar. You were always a different sort of story maker. While your photography crushes would consist of photographers who would create the most beautiful photos, with the softest light and even softer colors, this was not you. Your photos would be enriched with the most vibrant and lively colors that people would notice from a mile away. You couldn’t help it. You always thrived on center composition, wide, wide angles, and everyday moments that were masterpieces in your mind. You wouldn’t care what others thought. You kept telling yourself “Anybody can duplicate what you do, but nobody can duplicate who you are”. You will always continue to encourage, support, and inspire other photographers as they had done for you. The photographs that you would soon take would help you in the most desperate of times. They would be a constant reminder of all you have to be grateful for. They would bring a smile to your children’s face and start conversations with strangers at any given moment. Your photography like your children would soon become the best reflection of your life and how you see it!



Canon Mark IV, 24-70ii, 15mm fisheye are

always with me.



Melissa lives with her high school sweetheart, and three little humans in a small country suburb east of Denver. She loves capturing every moment of her babies lives and rescuing as many animals as her husband will let her. She is mesmerized by her children and believes there is so much magic in the chaos. She shoots mostly her family but can be talked into a client session every once in a while. She loves to explore, go on adventures with her family, and show her children all the beauty there is to be seen in this world.

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