Dear Photographer feature by Erin Witkowski Photographer

circa 2010 
A Letter to my past, present and future….

Dear Erin (past)
You don’t know it yet, but watching your dad struggle with alcohol your whole life is going to help you see the world with compassion and strip you of judgment in a glorious way. Just wait. You don’t know it yet but your baby boy born with an extra chromosome is going to help you paint the world with more color, joy, and patience. Just wait. You don’t know it yet but the pain of losing parent will catapult your heart into a state of grief that will rip open your desire to reach deeper into meaningful connections with those you photograph. Keep Listening and Just wait.

Dear Erin (present)
Vulnerability and business is a fine line, you know this well by now… but don’t stop giving it your all. Your heart is thankful you use all its pieces when you’re documenting even when its tired and raw afterward, the risk is worth the reward. Be easy on yourself and continue to seek balance always and never ever stop listening. Never stop listening to those who trust you to photograph them, to your family who needs you and your heart who leads you.

Dear Erin (future)
I am sure your greatest struggle remains to be the inner critic, your vulnerable heart and your constant pursuit of meaningful work… well I hope these are still your struggles because without struggle comes complacency and that means you’ve stopped growing. So here’s to hope you’re still struggling in all the right ways and somewhere along the way balance has found you in every way….I can’t wait to see what you are doing now.



I am traveling family photographer, visual poet, and mentor based out of Hudson Valley, NY. I’m raising up & wrangling four wild babes alongside my husband in my childhood home, rediscovering life with a side of nostalgia. My passion for art is strongest when standing alongside others in their most authentic state & when trust is handed freely to me, it’s there I am home.

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