Dear photographer | Feature by Chloe Ramirez

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Dear Past Chloe,

Slow down. Close your eyes. Cover your ears. Limit all your senses and take the deepest breaths. Smell the earth. Feel your feet firmly on the ground. Feel your goosebumps raise on your skin as the wind blows delicately on you. Limit each sense until you have learned to appreciate which each one brings to the table. Now uncover your ears. Hear the birds singing, children laughing, and the wind blowing through the trees. Do you hear how lovely the earth sounds? Now slowly open your eyes and take in your life. It’s going to move fast so really drink in all the loveliness in front of you. See the beauty in the smallest of moments.

Live each day as if it’s the most precious day.

See the good and beauty in everyone.

Hear music where there is none.

Feel every moment.

Now go photograph the feeling.





Chloe Ramirez is a lifestyle photographer who loves to photograph deep and meaningful relationships.  Real human connection makes her heart sing and she strives to have love oozing out of every pore of her work.

Chloe resides in Sacramento California and there is nowhere she would rather be than spending time with her husband, 3 girls, and silly Bernese Mountain dog. When not photographing families she enjoys cold brew coffee, good music, adventures with her family and her Madewell leather tote. She has been featured in both print and magazine her most recent being: Capture the Moment, Popular Photography Magazine, Click Magazine, The Village Magazine etc. In 2017 she received an honorable mention for her self-portrait in the VOICE Image Collection.

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