Every Friday until February we are going to be sharing one of our ten finalists for the First Annual Gallery Showcase, sponsored by WHCC Co. These images will be on display at our annual Dear Photographer Workshop – Elevate + Grow, This year the Gallery will be hosted at the Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon,  June 8-10.

To enter continue sharing your images to our hashtag #DPMAGFAVES for a chance to be printed on our spring issue and be displayed in Portland.


_DSC3893-2 copy


Image by Lindsay Saunders | Forest + Field Photography

The best part of this incredible image is the way our eyes immediately go to the subtle of the hand motion, to say that the lighting is marvelous would be an understatement. There is a grand exhilarating cinematic feel that this image evokes. The tonal contrast, texture, and form are superb and Lindsey always allows us to get all of those bits of whimsy each of her images creates. Her love for light and attention to details never ceases to amaze us.



_DSC3539 copy

I am Lindsay Saunders, the lady behind Forest + Field Photography! I was born and raised in Alaska. I have three amazingly great kids that I constantly spy on with my camera (I swear they will appreciate it someday). I am an artist/illustrator and history teacher and I blame both of these passions for my obsession with crafting a story through my lens. I love the outdoors and traveling, and I try to incorporate the outdoors into my photos as much as possible. The weather up here in the north is HARSH, so sometimes I have to get extra creative and push myself a little bit harder to get those images I want. I love and adore natural light, sun flare, and candid moments in photos.Some of my biggest influences for photography and storytelling comes from films, artists, and authors. My biggest influences are Charles Dickens, Kazuo Ishiguro, DonnaTartt, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Wes Anderson, Baz Luhrmann, Andrew Wyeth, EdwardHopper, Sally Mann, Dorothea Lange, and Buster Keaton. I am obsessed with capturing the intricacies of human life, and it has become a daily ritual to connect those moments through my lens. My best piece of advice, that someone once told me, is to “stay weird” and just keep your eyes and heart open to the world.

W E B S I T E | I N S T A G R A M 

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