Every Friday until February we are going to be sharing one of our ten finalists for the First Annual Gallery Showcase, sponsored by WHCC Co. These images will be on display at our annual Dear Photographer Workshop – Elevate + Grow, This year the Gallery will be hosted at the Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon,  June 8-10.

To enter continue sharing your images with our hashtag #DPMAGFAVES for a chance to be printed on our spring issue and be displayed in Portland.



JyotsnaBhamidipati_01-Line of fire.jpg

Image by Jyotsna Bhamidipati



Otherworldly and radiant are the first words felt as I laid eyes on Jyo’s incredible Line of fire image. It was chosen for its fragility, abstract qualities and the beautiful texture and tones. The light plays with the subject,  highlighting and enhancing it so effortlessly. I adore the lines and depth emanating from it the surreal light transforms this simple image into magic.  It reminded me so much of the wonder of this earth, the soft quality of the leaf broken in is a sign of time and the erosion of it. We cannot wait to have this image in our gallery and be able to gawk at it in person.

commentary by Adri De La Cruz


IMG_8545_headshot.jpgJyotsna (Jyo) is a mom and an electrical/lighting engineer based out in Sacramento, California. While engineering has been her background, photography is her creative outlet and passion. Having lived in and traveled to multiple countries, she loves nature and traveling. She is a lover of light and seeks to capture the everyday beauty including her daily life based on her family through her lens. Her work has been featured and published across multiple platforms in digital and in print. She also has a part-time lifestyle photography business and focuses on capturing genuine emotions and connections between families, couples, moms to be and babies.  

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