DEAR PHOTOGRAPHER| Feature by Lauren Phillips of Love Her wild photography

Dear past Lauren,

You don’t know it yet, but your difference and outcast-ish ways will be what sets you apart. Your notions in life is what will breathe emotion into your art. Substandard will bore you and this single mum stigma will subside, catapulting you into a deeper meaning of it all. It will instill a love of connection so deeply into your veins, that you will translate it into images that speak to people. This creativity? This yearning for more? This nostalgic heart?…. It will all piece together and make you understand your place in this world. You’re going to really get it one day, that one of the keys to life is to surround yourself with people who inspire you.

Dear current Lauren.

Stop overthinking this paragraph. Stop worrying what people will think! Please, just be you.

This is the most reflective time in your life and it’s for good measure. The chaos has calmed and the storm has gone and it’s done its purpose in feeding the inspiration and weeding out what it is that YOU want. It has been the universe’s little way of speaking to you, you’ve just got to listen. You’ve got this and you’re on the right path.

Dear future Lauren,

Heyyyyy girl, you did it. Look at you, you little champ! That wasn’t so bad now, was it? You’re ok. You’ve put yourself out there and opened up who you are. Put yourself out there for judgment and you know what? You’re better for it! Nothing makes life more incredible than stepping outside of your comfort zone. You’ve found your balance and you’re working on that healing. That feeling of content has well and truly taken place… YOU did that. Now give yourself a pat on the back.. Step away from the work for a moment, take some time for you. Create for you. Spend a weekend away. Relish in the tiny moments of your daughter. There is no pouring from an empty cup. And then, only then, do what fuels your fire and the rest will fall into place. Your creativity, your mindfulness, your world.


Lauren Phillips is a Photographer with a nostalgic heart who loves to capture the real, raw, authentic moments. She adores photographing families, unique weddings, and children’s fashion.

Calling the little old retro town of Brunswick Heads on the NSW East Coast of Australia home with her main guy, daughter and their newest member, Banjo the dog.

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