Dear Megan,

You’ve always been a lover of moments, connection, and emotion. Ever since you were a small child, a camera in hand, snapping moments of your childhood, and plastering photos all over your sponge-painted walls. The artist has always been within you, pounding against the walls of human flesh, pointed down a road of ordinary and normalcy. Pushed toward what was expected, what would bring stability. Find a job, they told you, and work a career for 30 years, and you’ll live a good stable life. But you are not a square. You are not a person someone can mold into their perfect worker-bee or told what to do without finding the answer on your own. You are a creative, a thinker, a planner, a doer. You don’t let anyone stop you from chasing your dreams, no matter how wild or far-fetched they are, throwing stability into the wind. You are not a straight-edged scholar, but a jagged line, learning by trial and error, dusting yourself off when you fall, and trying again and again. You don’t color inside the lines, but dart sporadically like a wild child into your next adventure, awaiting anxiously to see how it unfolds.

You didn’t get here by chance or by God-given talent, but hard work, perseverance, practice, and positivity. But that didn’t come without self doubt, unworthiness, resistance, and fear of not being “good enough”. It’s okay that you don’t have technical training. That you’re not a numbers girl. That you can’t rattle off shutter speeds or read a histogram or achieve the perfect paint-by-numbers skin tones. You shoot from the heart and follow your instincts, trying to preserve the beauty and moments around you. It’s taken 9-long-years for you to bloom into the artist you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Working full time as a Private Investigator, supporting a husband through law school, raising two girls mostly alone as you allowed your spouse to follow his dreams while he worked full time and attended school an hour away from home each night. The road wasn’t easy. It was bumpy, and long, and tiring. But you held on tight to the hope that one day it would all work out and finally you started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

2017 came and you threw yourself against the wolves and dove deep into your 365-photo journey of exploration, self worth, and individuality. And through this you found your calling. Your passion that burns long and deep within you to create, explore, and inspire others. Not just with images, but with words, and connection, and friendship. You finally found the nerve to retire from investigations to live for your passion as an artist, as a mom, as a wife, as a doer, as a believer. Desperately wanting to follow your path that consumed your mind and fulfilled your heart.

2018 is here. Don’t be afraid to take that next step, to leap off the edge and spread your wings and fly into a world you never thought possible. To share your joy, and triumphs, and accomplishments with others. Don’t be afraid of failing and trying again until you’ve found your answer you’ve been searching for, the answer that makes you feel whole. This is your year to be EPIC, Megan. To grab hold of your dreams and fly high above the clouds into that dramatic light you strive to capture. Don’t be afraid. Live your dream and don’t look back, because it’s not where you’ve been that’s the most important, but where you are going that matters most. Follow you heart.

“Don’t think, it complicates things. Just feel, and if it feels like home, then follow its path”. – r..m. drake


Megan Boggs is a California girl who has a passion for lifestyle/documentary photography and filmmaking. She resides in Tulare, CA with her husband and two sweet girls, Emma & Ella, who are her biggest inspiration and motivators.


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