Dear Photographer | Feature by Ana Myer


circa 2011

Dear Ana,
You are a master of assimilation, it’s your survival skill. It had to be. Uprooting in your coming of age years to a foreign place felt a lot like fighting for your life. Then there are the many stories that you have never told, but you changed and merged and assimilated to whatever life served you like a master chameleon. Unfortunately, Eventually, you lost yourself. You lost yourself hard. Artistically, emotionally, spiritually, physically. Your mirror got fogged, and you tried so hard to see the light, to bring love outward but the universe just doesn’t work that way. Mirrors can only be as helpful as they are clear. It took you long to understand that. A lot of trials, errors and desperate cries to feel whole and unbroken. But somehow, your mind was still enough to hear a whisper.
Two words that changed your life. It’s amazing how instinctive becomes foreign. looking at yourself and not recognizing the eyes you try so hard to avoid making contact with is terrifying. You hear yourself in old videos and you can’t understand how you were ever able to laugh that easily, love that freely and create so passionately and genuinely.
But self-love saved you.
That is something no one else can do for you
Not the undying love of your soulmate
The unconditional love of your children
Your art
Your words
Only you can do that.


….Please don’t ever lose yourself again. But if you ever do, remember only when you are your genuine self can you truly create and love. Only when you love yourself you can be that person. Listen to the whisper of your soul and you can do anything. You are strong and capable. You are not who you have been told you are by society, by your critical self. You are who you choose to be. Always choose you.


Ana Myer is Photographer and writer born in the Dominican Republic, always with a pen and notebook or camera in hand. She lives in MD with her husband and five children. Learning love, teaching love.



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