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If you feel like you need a whole bunch of time dedicated to towards creating something spectacular, well I’m here to tell you that, that may not be the case. Listen, my friends, I totally get it. Sometimes we need a brand new environment to make magic, and we feel like repetitiveness while it does help with growth, it can also hinder the creative soul.  That is why since last year I’ve had a goal to create a mini-series of stories. This is the perfect remedy for those of us that can’t take just one photograph. But also don’t want to have one image of a single moment. All of the images can be cohesive and they can be the perfect size for a blog post. Your website wants to be fed, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a studio and in the winter months, my blog gets plenty of cobwebs.  So challenge yourself to create a mini-series of your moments. Show that storytelling side of you.

Tips for creating a storytelling mini

-There is nothing wrong with being intentional with storytelling, don’t listen to the chatter that only candid matters, if there is a story you want to create or replicate, do it. Be creative. If there is something candid happening think about the previous frame as a comic strip what would they do next, which angle would work the best?

– As with any other types of stories, add other characters. This specific session was meant to capture Me in a quiet moment. But the camera came out and they wanted to get involved and I went for it. My favorite image is of my son jumping in front. Unfortunately, the focus is set for me and my daughter but I love his blurry expression. By adding others slowly into the frame you continue to add to the story.

-Stay in one spot, a mini story can’t be complicated, If you want to shoot a big “session” then different environments are key. For these short stories, try to reduce the number of locations. all of my images were taken on or near my kitchen table.



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a (1 of 1)-93.jpgABOUT THE ARTIST : 

Adri is the founder of Dear Photographer, She resides in a suburb just outside of Chicago with her husband of 7 years and her two little ones. She is an avid coffee drinker and chocolate lover. She is also obsessed with films, she may or may not have a notebook full of movie notes and reviews. In her spare time, she loves to dance while she cleans and binges on Netflix.



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