Dear Photographer | Feature by Justine Curran

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Dear Photographer,
Believe in yourself. When you feel stuck and like the wheels aren’t turning, know this. The universe is still in motion and things are happening for you. Soon you will see your images in magazines and across the photography community. Clients will cry with happiness because the work you do is compelling and means something. You will move people. When things aren’t working, learn something new.  Above all, your business serves you. Artists do not ask for permission.
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One of the key things I am passionate about is helping kids to be there best versions of themselves. Growing up with a fulfilled sense of self-worth, value and identity build resilient minds. I help empower parents in creating an appreciation, connection, and awareness of the golden years of their lives of raising these little humans.  I am a Sydney born and raised girl in Australia that loves living in other family’s shoes, filling homes with positive affirmations enabling children to relive over and over again of a glorified childhood that screams of I am. 


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