Dear Photographer |Feature by Winnie Bruce




Dear me,
Welcome to your photography journey. You will discover a few things about yourself during this journey. You will learn that you are a lot more empathetic than you ever thought you were. Photoshop will run super slow on your pc that you will turn to the dark side and purchase an Apple computer. You now have three of them, by the way. Upon this purchase, you will realize that the hot Cheetos addiction is not a great snack idea during those late night edits. If you read this from your future self, you’re too stubborn to even listen, and you’ll have a red fingerprint stained keyboard anyway. It’s delicious. I can’t blame you. As you grow, you will learn to stop caring about weird lighting. You will embrace it, you will love shadows. In all seriousness though, do that thing where you’re dreaming big. Where you want to keep upping the level of your journey. If it seems crazy, do it. There will be times where times will be rough, and challenging. You’ll sometimes feel like your creativity is complacent, but then there will be light bulbs that shine so bright you shield your eyes. Moments will come that’ll shake you to the core, and where you question whether or not this is working out for you or not. I think if questions weren’t asked, then you’ve become stagnant, and that’s never ok. So keep asking, keep exploring. You will find your niche, you will stick with it one day, and you will learn to not just take every gig. Also, you’ll end up buying a pour over coffee maker, which makes the delicious coffees — this is what gets you energized for editing day.

Xoxo, Yo’self



Winnie Bruce Photography is a photographer that specializes in portraits and lifestyle. Based in the Washington DC and Baltimore Metro area, Winnie focuses on intimate photographs of families, newborns, and expecting parents. A native of the Philippines, Winnie came to the United States when she was in her early teens. She’s married to her husband of 14 years, Brian, where together they share a 90s colonial they’re slowly working on bringing to the current century. She’s a mom to two little guys, Elliott and Finnegan. When she’s not busy taking photos, Winnie enjoys cooking, tending to her ever growing collection of plants, interior decorating, and binging on food documentaries on Netflix.



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