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Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

I’ve been doing photography professionally for two and a half years. It started with gifting my husband a Nikon D610 as a wedding gift three years ago. I always knew he would be an amazing photographer, but I did not expect to fall into it myself! I never viewed myself as an artistic person, because I could never draw or paint worth anything. But I have always loved crafting and tweaking, from websites to interiors. I absolutely fell in love with photography, as I did not have to create anything from scratch. I could walk into a place, see my client and their surroundings, and figure out the best angle, pose, and placement of the sun, to capture something beautiful. I also love the relationships you develop with your clients. Being photographed can be such a vulnerable thing, and there’s a really sweet trust and bond that forms in a short amount of time.

 What about this session was most memorable?

It was truly the most beautiful and warm Fall day in Chicago, and my client could not have been more laid-back and trusting. A photographer’s dream!

 Were there any hurdles?

The biggest hurdle was working with the sun. We were doing a sunrise session in downtown Chicago, so in some spots, there was absolutely no shade, and in other spots, the tall buildings would completely block the sun. We had to start about 40 minutes after sunrise so that the sun would peak through on our first spot, but then it was a race against the sun to make sure we could capture moments in my next two spots before it got too bright!

The second biggest hurdle was that a movie was being filmed right outside the garden that I ended our session with, and I had no idea until we arrived! No one was allowed inside and the garden was completely empty. However, some of the crew decided to give the photographer and very pregnant woman grace and let us in for a few minutes after all!

 Your best photographer/session advice?

Study sun placement and practice. Know where the sun needs to be to create beautifully lit and flattering photos for your clients.

 What gear was used to achieve these?

A Nikon D750 with Nikon 35mm and Nikon 70-200mm lenses.



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Vlad and Rachel Horol are a husband and wife photography team who specialize in capturing maternity, newborn, and family photos. Yofi means “beauty” in Hebrew. They love photography because they love capturing beauty – especially in the essence of people and in special, intimate moments. They started taking photos on their honeymoon a little over three years ago, which turned into a full-time business by the end of the year. They recently opened up a small photography studio in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago and the two of them are honored to be able to continue to photograph the families that make the city of Chicago so special. 


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