Dear Photographer | A reflection on the journey Feature by Natalie Thomas

circa 2013
To my past self:
I see you standing there, staring at the brand new camera fresh out of the box. I see your fingers on those buttons, feeling so foreign. I see that dial placed in auto and thinking you have no idea what you’re doing. And you don’t. I see you sitting there at your computer while you upload your jpegs into Picasa. I see your aspirations, that turned into dreams, that turned into frustrations, that turned into failures, that all came together and turned into magic.
To my current self:
I see your hard work of mistakes and determination finally paying off. From making your husband stop the car every time you find a location with pretty light, to the clients that have trusted you, to being published in magazines and even gracing the cover of one. Your past self would’ve never dreamed this possible. But you’re here now, so soak it in! Please stop trying to find acceptance in those little squares and grids, so made up and perfect, that barely skim the surface of reality. The very thing that has given you so much passion, will also cause so much frustration, comparison, and doubt. Take those much-needed breaks. Find that elusive thing called balance… or at least attempt to.
To my future self:
I hope you’re still on that quest for balance. I hope you still have that same passion that your past self-had once ignited. I hope you never get complacent. I hope you never stop learning. And I hope your heart still races with nervousness and anticipation before every session.
Natalie Thomas is a photographer that specializes in natural light, lifestyle photography. She’s based in the Seattle-Tacoma area where she raises her two boys and is married to her husband of 10 years. She is a born and raised Californian and loves the sun, music, and bagels.

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