Be Inspired Session | Mom and son Maternity Session | Feature by Aubrey Bahr

Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

I always approach a session with a vision in mind. I visualize the emotions, the weather, anything I can to help me play out how it will all flow together. Because everything in life has a flow, I only need to show up and capture it the best way that I can. I always used to say that I stumbled into photography after I had my daughter, but the truth is that I was led to it. Through significant life trials, my eyes and heart were opened to all the beauty that exists. I strive to capture relationships, not just between people but also the world around them. So, about a year ago, I started a photography business so that I can share this passion with others. It has been such a fulfilling part of my life, especially seeing how happy my clients are decorating their homes with the art that we create together.

What about this session was most memorable?

Clyana and her son had a palpable love for each other, it really made the session fun and uplifting. I loved her vibe and her natural approach to life, it shines through in these pictures.

Were there any hurdles?

On a personal note, yes. I have shied away from Maternity sessions after years of Infertility and losses. I finally feel free from that constraint so this session came at a great time for me.

Your best photographer/session advice?

Be confident. We’ve all shown up to a session with nerves all over the place, but let that drive you, instead of prohibiting you from doing what you are called to do. Being an Artist is a talent: Use it, grow it, share it.

What gear was used to achieve these?

All of these were taken with my Canon 6d. I used my Sigma 35mm Art 1.4 or my Canon 85 mm 1.2. I also used a ring prism and a copper pipe for the effects.



Aubrey lives in Zephyrhills, Florida with her husband, daughter, dog, and a bunny. She is an Alaskan heart and has a deep love for nature, photography, massage, and CrossFit. Her motto is “the best life is the one that is lived.”


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