Dear Photographer | Feature by George Jones



One of George’s first images

To my past self…

Do you remember the reason why you bought your first camera? It wasn’t to be creative or to express yourself. It wasn’t to be a ‘professional’ or to set up a business. It was a way to document the development and journey of the most amazing little people in your life. You have captured so many precious memories of them that can never be taken away from you. Keep clicking! Even when picking up the camera feels like the last thing you may want to do. Over time aspects of your life may change or things may not always stay the same. You may lose motivation or feel like you have lost your photographer mojo but just keep clicking so that in the future you can look back on all the memories you have made and be able to cherish them forever.   

To my current self…

Have confidence in your own abilities and style of photography because as long as you are always passionate about your art this will shine through in your images. Keep challenging yourself and pushing the boundaries of what you do but always make sure you enjoy it and it doesn’t become a chore. Continue to capture the moment with your camera but also try and make more time to live in the moment with your loved ones rather than simply capturing it.

To my future self…

Never forget where you have come from as you’ve come a very long way. Always remember that your journey has made you the person you are today and that journey doesn’t end here. Any difficulties you have had to face along the way have only made you a stronger person. Continue to be true to yourself and keep those most important to you the closest in your life. By doing this, your future will be full of happiness and contentment.




George Jones (Gojones Photography) is based in Aberystwyth, Mid Wales.  I am a family and wedding photographer offering a unique and creative alternative to capturing the things that matter the most to you. I live with my two wonderful children who keep me very happy (and busy!) and I love to capture their souls in my personal photography. Other than photography, my interests include listening to heavy metal music, watching horror movies and going to the gym.      



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