Dear Photographer | Feature by Camille Camacho

Dear Past Self,


Look at you, figuring out where you stand in this world.  Always reaching, trying new things, & pushing through. There was a point in your life where none of that would have been like you.  Instead, you were fearful, incredibly shy, deeply inward, & still feeling the stings from hurtful wounds that were barely starting to scar.  Your path to self-destruction left virtually nothing to build from, but you found a way with that immense grit of yours. You began to shine & truly be as you took hold of that resilience, opened your wings, & took off.  Your journey to becoming an artist didn’t just start when you decided to open a photography business, but it started way back when you were little. Those life experiences have not only added to your creative but have been necessary to your whole being.  Please remember that.


Present Self, continue to share & create. Stop wasting away those minutes with lingering self-doubt.  It’ll always be there, but don’t let it take hold like it does sometimes. Fill your time with your amazing family & true, real af, friends (you know which ones I am talking about).  That is what matters – everything else is just filler.


Future Self, I hope you listened to yourself & placed your limited & valuable energy into the individuals & endeavors that matter.  My hope for you is that you look back & realize that your time was spent well. Whether your accolades are something worthy of placing at the bottom of your website or they are those treasures you call children, husband, & the life you made around them.  I am confident my future self will be old, content, & looking back on her life with a smirk thinking, “f*** yea, I lived & I loved”.






A mother, a military spouse, and an artist currently living in Hampton Roads, Virginia trying her best to spread kindness & compassion through her kids, her husband, & her actions.  A documentary & lifestyle photographer who has a strong passion for in-home sessions & everything family. A winging it kind of momma finding truer life fulfillment raising her children, growing old with her husband, & forging genuine & beautiful friendships.




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