BE INSPIRED Session featuring Stephanie Lynn Huber

Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.


As a child, I carried around multiple disposable cameras and I delighted in getting the photos back; at least two of them not blurry and expertly composed. I didn’t fall back in love with photos until my early 20’s. Shooting with a beloved Canon Powershot that I eventually left at a midnight showing at the movie theater and never saw again. It wasn’t until stumbling upon Kirsten Lewis and her CreativeLive classes in 2016 that I really started to devote myself to photos. I had always loved Documentary photography but didn’t know that it was something that existed in its own space. I fell headfirst into such a wonderful community and I’ve never looked back. When I shoot I’m like a ninja zeroing in on the tiniest of affections. I also laugh, a lot.

What about this session was most memorable?

This was my second Motherhood session. I had placed a model call for mothers willing to get in the bathtub. This particular mother is a returning client who I first shot for when I was portfolio building. The baby was only a week old at that first shoot! So to have this intimate session with them was particularly meaningful. Going forward I will be expanding my Motherhood sessions to shoot outside the tub as well—but I am particularly fond of the sweetness of the tub sessions.

Were there any hurdles?

Babies will put bubbles in their eye and don’t understand how cause and effect works yet! It also took me some time to put together the slideshow and release these photos into the world. I lost my grandmother this month. She was the one who raised me. It has given me a new connection to Motherhood sessions that I think will be interesting to see going forward. But at the time I needed a moment to breathe before I looked at a Motherhood session again.

Your best photographer/session advice?

Listen to the advice of your mentors. Then throw all of that advice aside, keeping it in the back of your mind, and make your own way. Stop worrying about what people will like and shoot and edit with your whole heart. Find your people. Do your best to make something beautiful in a world that can appear ugly. Remind others how to see the Good. Don’t forget to format your memory cards. Keep a spare lens cap handy in case you lose yours on the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World (advice from a… friend).

What gear was used to achieve these?

Canon 6D + Sigma 35 1.4 Art and the balls to ask people to get into a bathtub for a photo session.



Stephanie is a photographer in South Florida who specializes in Documentary & Lifestyle Family and Wedding photography. Her dream is to one day travel the world for photo sessions documenting families internationally. She is 31, the mother of two herding dogs, and owns three leather jackets which is absolutely ridiculous for a person living in Florida. She has been told she’s April Ludgate from Parks & Rec, both as an insult and a compliment, on multiple occasions.