BE INSPIRED COUPLE’S SESSION | Feature by Emily Gainnes of Searching for the Light

Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

When I approach my work I like to capture the heart behind my subjects, what makes them joyful, what is their passion behind their relationship. I’ve always been a bit different and I like to think that this also comes out in my photography through what I like to call a little whimsy. I have a huge passion to capture unique light and view any light available as a fun tool to play with not be hindered by, but on the same terms, I believe we all have a unique light within us and my goal is to bring that out with my camera.

What about this session was most memorable?

This session was so memorable because Brian and Katie have worked very hard to design and literally reconstruct this home they’ve made for themselves. Its a place of community for them as they help out family or friends with their spare bedroom and host gatherings in their playful yard. They both love gardening and are gifted with quite the green thumb. They both speak with such humility about all the work they’ve done on their home and I think their joy behind it and together shines through this session. I cannot forget to mention the awesome old Ford truck Brian has in their driveway that is a fun toy for them well especially him. I mean what guy doesn’t want an old classic truck to work on and take your girl for rides in? Ok last but not least I have to mention this willow tree in their backyard. Katie’s favorite tree is a willow tree so for one of their anniversaries he planted it in their backyard.

Were there any hurdles?

If you consider a dog who wants to be the center of the photo shoot one. 😉

Your best photographer/session advice?

Go into a session open minded, its great to be planned where you go and what poses you like, but in the end, your subjects are going to unfold if you give them the freedom too, and it’s then that you sink into you gifting as a photographer.

 What gear was used to achieve these?

Nikon d750 50mm, 28mm and 85mm



Hello, I am Emmy Gaines, the couple, elopement, small business, dance and yoga photographer behind Searching for the Light Photography. I am a joy-filled photographer creating photographs with a touch of whimsy. I love to capture the Light and not just gorgeous light—which is fun to capture—but to capture the beauty of life, love, and creation. My joy is to capture the light that illuminates our hearts. I shoot mostly in Denver, Colorado and in the Mountains of Colorado but LOVE to travel to beautiful destinations.



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