BE INSPIRED Maternity Session |feature by Gia Queiroz Photography 


Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

Before any session, I ask Mom to prepare and bring to the session everything that has a great meaning for the family, from objects to important activities. When I get to the family’s home, the first thing I do is ask to talk about the chosen objects and activities. This helps a lot to relax Mom and Dad making the session flow easier! I fell in love with recording moments when I got married and when my first child was born (in 2010) I started to study photography more deeply, but only after the birth of my second daughter (2013) I really had time to work as a photographer. I treasure capturing the special moments in my own family and as I started photographing other families I loved being able to capture their special moments as well. I LOVE FAMILY INTERACTIONS!

 What about this session was most memorable?

This session was very special! When I arrived at the client’s house, Mom was not feeling well and she was not willing to do external photos, so I did the entire session in a small but very charming apartment.
What touched me most in this maternity session was the love between them and all of Dad’s dedication to making Mom feel comfortable.
Waiting for a child is very magical but also full of surprises and that’s why I love to photograph these moments because even though I do many maternity sessions during the year, they are all different from each other but always full of love!

Were there any hurdles?

I always get anxious before going into small apartments, even though I’ve been through it before. This apartment apart from being small also there was not much light, but I love challenges and I always want to be able to deliver to my client’s beautiful images and images created in a place that has meaning for them, even if it is a small space.

 Your best photographer/session advice?

I like to always remember that it is not easy to be photographed, you feel exposed and vulnerable as if the photographer could see all your faults (which is not true).
You photographer, do not be afraid to expose yourself, do not be afraid of vulnerability!

I talk a lot during the sessions! I speak about myself, my family, my fears as a mother and other subjects that show me as a normal human being, who has virtues and strength, but also defects and fears! You only find transparency when you are transparent as well. If you are a lifestyle photographer like me and like real moments you need to find a way to make your client relax and trust you. Do not be afraid to expose yourself to your client, because that is exactly what they will be doing when they receive you at their home.

What gear was used to achieve these?

Canon 5D Mark III + Sigma art 35mm 1.4




Gia Queiroz is a lifestyle photographer who lives in Brasília / Brazil with her husband (Cristiano) and their two children. She specializes in family, maternity and newborn photography. She loves to capture the special moments in her own family and in other families as well. She appreciates the in-between moments of life and all the little details that make each family so unique. Her two children are her inspiration and favorite subjects.


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