BE INSPIRED Session| feature by Brianna Berlyn Photography

Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

My approach to my work is very similar whether it be a lifestyle session, a documentary session or a creative session. While my subjects may be very comfortable with me they may not always be the most comfortable in front of the camera so I always approach everything in a very open, receptive and genuine manner building trust. Once someone trusts you, that’s when the magic happens. I shoot at all times of the day, both indoors and outside. My goal for my work is to not necessarily have a certain look but to have a certain feel. Emotions of any kind, connections, movement, angles and shadow play are things that I love to photograph. I like to create experiences for my clients with the locations I choose as well. If my clients can leave with memories to connect with the photographs I create then that’s a big win to me.

To speak honestly, I only recently feel as if I’m finding a spot for myself among all the amazingly talented photographers in my area. In the past, I would have struggled with the idea of not fitting in or not being popular on social media, but now I am happy that what I create is appreciated by my clients and it is true to my heart.

I am thankful they get me for me. For my random outspoken thoughts, my sense of humor, my sarcasm, my compassion. For my heart, I wear on my sleeve and overly share. For the joy, I get for telling their stories.

I am also thankful that through photography I’ve learned to appreciate these things about myself and have been able to document mine and my family’s story.

What about this session was most memorable?

There were a few comical things that happened. While we were shooting in the room, which faces out front, a young man walked by noticing a crazy lady with a camera and a beautiful young lady. I made eye contact with him and we both started laughing. I gestured my camera towards him as if to take his photo which he just continued to laugh and quickly walk away. When we were shooting on the blacktop we gave my four-year-old the job of yelling out for cars on the very low traffic road. He sat in my van, windows down, alert and ready to yell out loudly to us anytime a vehicle turned down the road. He took this job very seriously. We obviously were looking out ourselves but we didn’t let him know that.

Were there any hurdles?

This session was such on a whim and so go with the flow that I wouldn’t say there were any hurdles. I had the itch to create but I didn’t have anything specific in mind. Having such a laid-back approach to things, I 99% of the time, even with client sessions, I shoot straight from a feeling. I did a walk through in the house, saw the shadows on the wall and had a feeling of simple, natural & neutral and that’s how this series happened. The sun was moving in and out of the clouds which normally I might find challenging during a shoot if it was with a large family but I just embraced the different intensities of shadows this time.

We noticed that the sunset was going to be a good one and wanted to keep shooting so we grabbed a pair of shorts, a top, some boots, jumped in the van and drove. It’s surprisingly not as easy as you would think to find a road with little traffic even on the outskirts of town but we did. When we shot on the blacktop I wanted to still compliment the simplicity of bedroom series but I wanted to push the feeling a bit more towards an adventurous spirit.

 Your best photographer/session advice?

As an artist, we see the world differently as it is but I really believe in being an individual. So any advice that I could pass along would be to shoot and create from your heart, don’t be afraid to try new and different things. The more we push our art the more we grow as an individual. I also think appreciating the differences of your peers and not falling into the comparison trap is really important as well. This also applies to your clients as well. Every individual holds their own kind of beauty and we can never compare looks of one to the next. As far as sessions go I think being adaptable and figuring out a flow you can follow is really helpful.

What gear was used to achieve these?

I shoot with a Nikon D750, and while my Sigma Art 35mm is on my body the majority of the time I had my Sigma 24-70mm on for this shoot. I wanted that little extra room working in such a small room.

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I’m Brianna but most everyone calls me B. I’m a work from home mom of three little boys that are the light of my life. I’ve been building and growing my photography business for the last two and a half years. We live in the desert of Phoenix, AZ. We love to create an adventure together. We frequent our local art museum and love hiking in the cooler mountains of Northern Arizona. My boys use my old D7000 for their own photography, which I find super cool. We are a close-knit bunch who hold on tight to love and laughter while learning life as a family of four.



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  1. You’ve always had a natural talent!! You’re able to bring the inner spirit of your people out love your work!!

  2. Amazing B!!! You find the beautiful in every setting and pictures you take! You embrace your spirit so much in your photography and it shows.

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