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Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

I am a natural born creative and see the potential in absolutely everything. I have been a photographer for about a year and a half… it all started as a hobby the naturally took on its own business form. I am a visionary artist and photography for me is all about a feeling. I approach each session by asking “what do I want people to feel when they see these photographs” and “what story do I want these photographs to tell”. I photograph mainly families and couples, and everyone’s vibe is so unique. I feel blessed that people trust me to capture their Hygge (look this up, it’s my basis for photography and life) and that I get to use my own creativity and art to bring out the beauty of others.

What about this session was most memorable?

This session took place just before sunrise on Mothers Day! There is such beauty in the sense of calm in the morning hours before the hustle of the day begins. These photographs are celebrating not only motherhood but the strength and resiliency of the mom who is also a military wife. We all know mom roles change a million times a day, as they do even more so when your family supports our US Military. As photographers we have the opportunity to preserve these moments throwing all those other roles aside, highlighting the very part of life that is home to all of us… that is a mom. I absolutely loved the vibe of this family and capturing these genuine motherhood moments in the peace of blue hour. I did not want to document a role that she could already see… the everyday occurrences. I wanted to highlight the mom moments that are so rarely captured… the cuddles, the wonder, the calm. I will never forget this Mothers Day morning and how I spent it watching seals in the surf while taking in the rhythm of the Southern California sea. Home is where love resides and memories are created, no matter where life or the military takes you. And making time to preserve these moments that would otherwise be gone forever is what photography to me is all about.

Were there any hurdles?

I would say a 5:30am session was a hurdle, only because I was worried I wouldn’t wake up or wouldn’t be on top of my game that early. But it was flawless, I had total creative freedom, and latte’s immediately followed.

Your best photographer/session advice?

Capture the moments that make your clients unique, their essence, their vibe… and do this to your own satisfaction. Your creativity as a photographer is your greatest tool. It is your freedom to express and not to impress. Being a photographer to impress turns you into a prisoner of other peoples opinions. Create photographs that make YOU happy, and allow that satisfaction to be all that you need.

What gear was used to achieve these?

Nikon D750 and on a whim my 50mm 1.4

mom and kids at a pretty beach mom and daughter gazing at the beach mother embracing her kids mom and kids at a beautiful beach inspiratiocelebrate the landscape and woman mother and kids at a beautiful beach cliffmother at the edge of a clifmother and kids with trendy chair at the edge of a cliffmother rand son at the edge of a cliffbeinspired(10of11)leaving the beach


Megan Lawson is a natural light photographer and the visual artist behind Anchor + Pine photography. Megan is based out of Southern California, but is a Washingtonian at heart and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Aside from being a photographer, she is a wife, a mother to three full-of-life boys and a Registered Nurse. She lives off latte’s and optimism, is a thrifter of all things, a hippie at heart and a spontaneous adventurer always.





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  1. Amazing eye! Megan Lawson is certainly a gifted up and coming visual artist. Look forward to seeing more from Anchor and Pine.

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