BE INSPIRED SESSION |Feature by Sarah Maverick

Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.
My name is Sarah Maverick I am the lead photographer for Maverick Organic Art Co.
I have a very relaxed approach to shooting. I started off labeling myself as a fine art photographer, but it just didn’t feel right. I love telling stories. My aesthetic is to effortlessly capture a story or the story as I see it unfolding. I have been in the business since 2012. I have 3 babies. 2 girls and a boy. I have been married to my partner David for 7 years who selflessly and relentlessly supports me through every phase of my artistic journey.
I am also a musician and singer-songwriter. (so is my husband! )
What makes you the most nervous during a session?
 I get most nervous during a session when I do not immediately feel a connection.
Generally, if this happens, I will stop down and just talk to my clients or subjects for a while. If I can get a sharing dialogue going, and especially if I can make everybody laugh we get to moving. I will not shoot blank sessions. We will make a connection.
The other thing that makes me most nervous during a session is always light. I am always sending good energy that the universe gives us good light wherever I land that day.

What about this session was most memorable? Were there any hurdles? 
This session was most memorable because of several reasons. And the hurdles are intertwined. I am an all-inclusive kind of person. I needed to make sure my work was reflecting that. I put out a model call for an African American mother and daughter.
It was the first time I got hate mail. I was called a reverse racist. A traitor.
To me, that made this session even more important. The world is lacking features of strong black women in healthy roles. Whether it intimidates people or not. It is so important. We need to see it. More importantly, young black children need to see it.
They are radiant, beautiful, and extraordinary. This session to me showed just that.
The reception from the artistic community has been nothing short of beautiful and humbling.
Your best photographer/session advice?
My best photographer/session advice: Do not choose a photographer based on price. Choose someone whose work you are obsessed with. If you have to save for a session, do it. A collection of really beautiful photos that you treasure forever is priceless. Quality over quantity, all day.
Best Session advice:
Choose a photographer that you can be yourself around. And then be yourself. Also, if you can find a photographer that offers styling assistance that is also wonderful.
Timeless, Beautiful, and effortless never go out of style.
What is one goal for your business:  
To start offering Birth Photography is 2019 we are very excited about that. It is a huge undertaking, but one that I am extremely passionate about.
What gear was used to achieve these:
Canon 6D with Sigma Art 35mm 1/4
Any presets used or hand editing :
Embrace Nation Wanderlust Collection
Dear Photographer 4Dear Photographer 5Dear Photographer 7Dear Photographer 8Dear Photographer 9Dear Photographer 10Dear Photographer 11Dear Photographer 12Dear Photographer 13Dear Photographer 14dear photographer 15


Sarah Maverick is an award-winning Lifestyle photographer located in Dallas Texas.
She focuses on intimate maternal connections and raw portrayals of motherhood.
When she is not shooting, she is spending time with her three children and her life partner, her husband David

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