Dear Photographer | Feature by Kristey Fritz-Martin of My Artistic Journey


One of her first images 



Dear Past Kristey,

GUESS WHAT?!? You are amazing. I just want to start out by telling you that, no matter how lost you feel, YOU are doing a great job at just being you. I would love to tell you not to be so hard on yourself, but by doing that I would likely be taking away one of the key elements that have made you the way we are today. It is ok to be you. I know you don’t understand that right now or exactly what it means but you will! There is a place for you in this world and you will make your dreams come true one step at a time, in such a beautiful way, but everything happens in its own time and you can not rush that or change it. Keep plugging along and on those days when you feel like giving up, give yourself some grace. Know that every action you make TODAY will help grow you into the person you are tomorrow and that we kinda like that person but it has taken time. . . you will get there. You will see.

Dear Current Me,
I know sometimes you need to be reminded. YOU MATTER. You make a difference in this world just by being YOU. You create from your heart. . . you are growing and learning EVERY DAY and that is incredible. Remember, this is your journey and above everything else, so long as you are putting everything you have into whatever you do, it is enough!
Dear Future Me,
Hey old friend, How are we doing? Did we ever figure out how to make that voice in our own head saying we aren’t good ENOUGH quiet down?.  Did we ever figure out what “enough” actually was?. I kinda hope we never do to be honest because I think that is what drives us and motivates us to be better. There is ALWAYS growth and learning to do. I hope you have remembered to stay humble through the years and that creativity is still a driving motivation in your everyday life. Always remember. . . inspiration is free, kindness is contagious and knowledge is power and above all else “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” Go inspire someone today.




Kristey Fritz-Martin is a self-portrait fine art photographer who lives in small-town Idaho with her family where she spends her time creating, pushing herself artistically and trying to inspire people to allow their own lights to shine.


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