REDEFINE | Floral inspired portraits feature by Ellie Victoria Gale

Tell us about what drives your work, How did you get started?

My journey to the present feels like a long one. I started photography as a teenager and have spent many years experimenting with lots of different styles of photography, however, I always came back to portraits. I’ve spent a long time unhappy with my progress as a photographer, and confused in what direction to take. A few years ago my partner told me that if I were to create my own world, then it would be filled with flowers (I’m a self-confessed flower-a-holic). That conversation inspired me to start making my own worlds and was the start of the flower-filled, whimsical style I photograph today.

What were the challenges for you in the beginning, How did you get started centering so many beautiful photographs around florals?

For a long time, I always thought I needed a large budget for extravagant locations and beautiful dresses. I constantly was unhappy with my photographs because I didn’t have the budget to create what I wanted to. I started experimenting with photographing on location, after a few years of being comfortable in the studio, and I just worked with locations I had nearby. I realized that you can create photographs literally anywhere, you just need to open up your imagination. My post productions skills were fairly limited at this point so with every shoot I pushed my imagination and editing skills to create more elaborate photographs, which opened up more possibilities.

What is one thing you’d like to push more towards, in your work? What boundaries do you want to break.?

Photographing whimsical characters in floral landscapes is something I adore doing, but I’m always pushing myself to create more elaborate scenes. Whether that is scouting for new, magical locations or refining my post-production skills to help bring an idea to life, I’m always reflecting and figuring out how to further progress my floral portraits.

Do you believe in legacies? What do you want to be your work legacy?

Most of my photographs are personal creations, but it would be wonderful to leave a legacy behind. Photography has opened my eyes to the magic around us. I am forever looking for pockets of color, and hidden blooms which others would simply bypass. All of the locations I use are everyday locations around us, and I hope that my photographs help others see this magic and beauty on this beautiful planet.

For someone who admires your work and wants to try to achieve a similar image what is one piece of advice, you can share?

As well as the model, the locations I photograph in play a huge part in creating the final photograph. Most of them are in the most mundane of places, whether it be the side of a road, a neighbors garden or hidden in a corner of a local park. Open your eyes to the world and just explore. You’ll be surprised what you can find.

Who inspires you?

My inspiration comes from many sources, whether it be a photographer, musician, model, writer, family or friends. My photographs are heavily inspired by Pre Raphaelite painters such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and these paintings initially inspired my steps into the soft, feminine portraits I take.



Hello, I’m Ellie, a Fine Art and Portrait photographer based in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. I focus my creativity on producing whimsical, feminine, floral images which let the viewer immerse themselves into another world. As a born daydreamer, photography is a way of sharing the worlds inside my imagination. Nature is my main source of inspiration, finding locations which can be transformed into something enchanting. Creating something out of nothing is one of the most magical aspects of photography. Colour plays a large part in my photographs, using rich, vivid colors to bring the scene to life.



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